Fitness should pay attention!

1. Excessive Fatigue


If you have been training often, you might start experiencing some heavy fatigue from it. During these times, it might be better just to go home and get some extra sleep instead of pushing yourself through a so-so workout. One skipped workout is not going to hurt you in the long run.


2. Injuries that Dont Seem to Be Healing


This happens especially in runners and people who love to do strength training. A sore shoulder or sore knees just dont seem to fade away after a few weeks. If this is the case, then take some time off to let it heal. You would be better off to do this now before it turns into a more serious injury.


3. Insomnia


Most people get a good night of rest after a strenuous workout. However, if you are doing these workouts too often, it can actually make it tough to fall asleep at night after a while.


4. Frequent Mood Swings


Most people find working out a great stress reliever. But there are those that when they overtrain, they get extremely moody. If you are going to stop training for a few days, just be certain the moodiness is coming from the gym.


5. Chronic Illness


If you are experiencing colds or flu-like symptoms often, dont be so quick to blame it on the season. Your body needs time to recover, and since it is not getting this time, it is striking back against you.