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CBDpure Review

Who Is CBD Pure?

Like we said, CBD Pure likely isn't a brand that you'll stumble upon with a random internet search for CBD oil. They invest much, much more of their time and effort into the actual product that they're making (specifically their extraction processes), rather than their web or social media status.

 This isn't a bad thing at all (the only thing that really matters is the quality of the end product), but it is kind of a shame because you'd imagine that a lot of people might miss out on their quality, simply because they've never heard of the brand before.

 In terms of who CBD Pure is, they're a legitimate West Coast operation based in Washington state (though they've also got a corporate office in Haslemere, England). All of their 100% organic hemp is sourced from a small farm in neighboring Colorado, and they have invested in one of the premier third party analytics companies, SC Labs, to test all of their CBD oil samples for purity and cannabinoid profiling (i.e. to make sure that they are rich in CBD and THC-free).


CBD Pure Highlights

Like we just said, one of the main highlights of CBD Pure and their range of products is the fact that they're a 100% USA operation (no low quality Indian or Chinese hemp) that uses SC Labs to analyze their products. If you're unfamiliar with SC Labs, just be advised that they're one of (if not the) top third-party cannabis testers in the country. In other words, not a lab that a cheap, “bottom shelf” CBD manufacturer would use.


Here are a few more highlights of the CBD Pure brand, their extraction process, and their lineup of CBD oils:


  • 100% Organic: Every one of CBD Pure's oil tinctures is sourced from an organic industrial hemp farm in remote Colorado, and is tested for trace amounts of fertilizer, heavy metals, and other contaminants

  • Super Affordable Pricing: Compared to other similar quality brands, CBD Pure's range of therapeutic CBD tinctures are actually super affordable and in our opinion make up one of the best values in the industry (see below Costssection for current exact prices)

  • All of Their Products are Guaranteed: That's right, if you buy a CBD Pure oil and are not satisfied with it or how it works, you can simply contact them and they offer a 90-day money back guarantee

  • CO2 Extraction from Whole-Plant Hemp: Like pretty much all of the other brands here on our site, CBD Pure employs a supercritical CO2 extraction process on their raw, whole-plant hemp. This results in a full-spectrum CBD product (it is NOT an isolate) that contains other healthy hemp compounds like Omega 3 and 6-acids, flavonoids, and terpenes.


Negative Thoughts

When it comes to negative aspects of CBD Pure, there honestly aren't many! If anything, the only thing we might recommend they work on improving is the quality of their website and their online presence, so that more people might find (and start using) their products.

 However, if/when they do get more popular they'll probably start charging more for their oils, so maybe it's better for us if they remain a small, little-known brand!


Final Verdict

All in all, we have become super big fans of CBD Pure, and I no doubt plan on trying out both the Hemp Oil 600 for my chronic leg pain, as well as the new 25 mg SoftGel capsules (I'll actually get a bottle of the capsules for both me and my wife, as she struggles with the sublingual oils much more than I do).

 The last thing I'll say about them is this: you might seriously want to stock up on what they've got at these prices, because when (not if!) word gets out about them, they'll probably cost double what they do now!


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