Buddha Teas Review

About Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas start in the UK where John Boyd, founder and CEO of Buddha Teas, was raised. He moved to the United States, had the idea to provide clean, healthy and unadulterated tea to the public, and partnered with Nicholas Merier to do so! They have teas for virtually everything, including herbal, green, black, and oolong teas. 

Only recently has Buddha Teas started to dive into the world of CBD-infused tea with four offerings — CBD chamomile tea, CBD matcha green tea, CBD peppermint tea, and CBD turmeric & ginger tea.


Tea Quality

Buddha teas builds their business on the idea of only serving the herbs that you order. When you order a peppermint tea, you get only organic peppermint leaves, nothing else. Let’s break that down.

1.Organic: This is huge for Fresh Steeps! Organic is a big buzz word, but what does it truly entail? Organic growing and harvesting of tea eliminates the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides typically used. This is not only good for our health as humans, but also the environment! It allows for protection of local wildlife as well as reduces harmful runoff events into our waterways.

2. Only the leaves: Some other brands may add “natural additives” for flavor. These “natural” additives are misleading as they typically are not from plant but rather labs. They are derived from plants and manipulated with chemicals and approved as “natural” by the FDA. Buddha Teas ensures you get what you ask for.

3. The Downside: Due to only providing fresh ingredients, the tea is a bit less flavorful and mild. This less intense beverage may be a turnoff for some people.

We give Buddha Teas a round of applause for their quality and for sticking true to their word! 

What Does Buddha Teas Do Well?

Buddha Teas has all the signs of a reputable tea brand. It offers a wide range of tea products, including the CBD tea line, made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients without any additives.


They also have a clear commitment to environment-friendly, sustainable products with their recyclable packaging, clean ingredients, bleach-free tea bags, and participation in a tree-planting project.


In terms of their CBD products, in particular, they claim to use nanotechnology to offer CBD in a nanosized, water-soluble form. This means the CBD has increased bioavailability, which helps improve its absorption in the body.

So, Should I Trust Buddha Teas?

Buddha Teas has made it a mission to utilize the highest quality teas to provide the healthiest and cleanest experience for all who use their products. From our review we found that:


They are organic!


1.Click the logo to explore Buddha Teas tea selection!

2. They look at the whole life cycle of the tea bag!

3. They do their best to restore what they are taking from the Earth!

So much more!

Overall, a big bravo to Buddha Teas for all their effort!

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